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Jeanette U.

I was so hesitant to let someone into those dark, scary areas of my health and life but Lauren approached me with no judgement and with all positivity as we addressed change in those areas. Lauren was able to walk with me through feelings of guilt around food and other healthy habits so that I could feel empowered to do what I needed to do to prioritize my health. She held me accountable for learning to meal plan, food prep, and make overall better food choices throughout my days. She always met me where I was and helped me take the baby steps needed to get me where I wanted to go. Lauren provided a lot of useful information and helpful encouragement throughout each week and it never felt overwhelming to begin implementing some of the habits we talked about in working toward healthier living. My biggest suggestion to anyone reading this is to not have any hesitations about working with Lauren. If you’re thinking you need to do this, don’t hesitate, just go for it.

Goretty Testimonial Pic.jpg

Goretty F.

"I was feeling uncomfortable about myself and lacked confidence but when I made the decision to work with Lauren, she taught me so many things about exercise and health, encouraged me with a positive attitude and my life changed because of working with her. Now I feel strong and comfortable about the way I look and I would recommend her to anyone who wants to feel more confident!"

Evelyn Testimonial Pic.jpg

Evelyn M.

“I was concerned about fitting workouts into my schedule even though I knew I needed them. When I started working with Lauren, I quickly realized she was going to be great! I now see improvements in balance, core strength, stamina while running and most of all confidence of getting my workouts done within my schedule. She showed me so much patience and a willingness to listen to my concerns and questions without hesitation. She kept me accountable to work toward my best self. I would highly recommend Lauren to anyone who is looking to work on all areas of the body and be met with encouragement through the process.”

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