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Healthy & Empowered Living: Christian Weight Loss, Healthy Eating Tips, Body Confidence, Lifestyle Habits, Healthy Family 


Lauren Joyce: Healthy Living & Biblical Mindset Coach, Mom Mentor, Jesus-Loving Encourager 

Do you wish you could consistently make the healthy choices you know you should? 

Are you tired of the emotional rollercoaster of guilt, comparison and/or insecurity?

Do you want to finally lose weight for good WITHOUT all the overwhelming diets and exercise programs?

Are you ready to have more time and energy for yourself, your family and your life?

In this podcast you will find simple Biblical strategies to set you free from the shame of diet culture so you can live confidently in body, mind and spirit. 


I believe that you can consistently make the healthier choice, find freedom and joy, and strengthen your faith in God without feeling like you’re sacrificing time, being selfish, or stuck in the cycle of always having to get back on track and my mission is to equip you to:

  • live healthy through spiritual growth, 

  • fitness made simple, 

  • intuitive eating and 

  • mindfulness.  

If you’re ready to become your healthiest self, live in true confidence as the woman God created you to be, and leave behind everything that hasn’t worked for you - you’re in the right place! 

Hey, I’m Lauren! A wife, mom, and healthy lifestyle & biblical mindset coach. But most importantly I am a Jesus-loving encourager! 

I am passionate about growing in deeper relationship with God and encouraging other moms, like you, towards Him as you pursue confidence, freedom, and joy in your health. I believe living healthy can be simple and fun and ultimately allow you to grow closer to God and walk more fully in the purposes He has for you. 

I have walked through the ups and downs life can bring, broken free from the diet culture this world is obsessed with and, through many years of struggling, finally discovered the secret and beauty of getting healthy from the inside out! 

You don't have to seek health on your own or the world's way. Trust me, it’s not fun! I’ve been where you are now. I’ve tried dieting and strict workout programs and even got to my goal weight, but it left me feeling just as empty, insecure and full of shame as I was before. What I discovered is when you set God as your foundation then you will walk empowered to create a healthy lifestyle in a way that will stick as you seek to know Him more through your journey.

I live as the healthiest version of myself each and every day, walking in true confidence as the woman God has created me to be. Now, I want to empower you to do the same! 

If you are ready to finally find an easy way to consistently make the best choices for your health, follow a simple eating plan that works for you and your family, and enjoy your exercise routine all while keeping God your focus - this podcast is for you! 

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